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Christmas Fruit Cake
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Our attention to detail (including hand-made candied flowers and unique designs) means that your special day is even more special. And our fruit topping is a refreshing alternative!

"Thank you for making and setting up our wonderful and beautiful wedding cake! I cannot thank you enough! We had more than enough but shared with our co-workers upon our return to work. It was delicious and you did a wonderful job! Thank you. Tracy and Pierre."

"Oh, my goodness, the cakes were spectacular. They looked amazing, and they tasted superb! Everyone, including us, was thrilled and delighted. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of our wedding celebrations. You have such as gift! Thank you for taking time with us, and guiding our choices and decisions. Yours very truly, Roz and Cris."

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Bougainvillea Spray / fondant icing

Bougainvillea Spray / fondant icing

Bougainvillea Spray / fondant icing

3-tier fondant draping with Gerbera daisies

Igloo covered with fondant icing

Heart shaped with bells, daisies & Stephanotis

Swirl Impression with Calla Lilies

Butter cream with yellow daisies

Fondant dahlia & Stephanotis Spray

Diamond Cut, Silver Beads

Two Layer, Purple Flowers

Purple Lilies & Stephanotis

Chocolate-covered Pine Cones

Roses, Calla Lilies

Hand-made Gum Paste Pansies

Gum Paste Roses

Roses and Fondant Daisies

Hand-painted Lilies & Petunias

Buttercream, Dots and Roses

Cornelli Lace, Heart/Dove Topper
Three-layer Fruit Topping
3-Layer Fruit Topping
Wedding Cake - Purple Flowers
Cascading Lilies

Double Frill, Lasiandra,
Osbeckia & Stephanotis

Heart-shaped, Orchids
and Maidenhair Fern

Burgundy/Pink roses / Butter cream icing

Swirl Impression with Calla Lilies (close-up)

Buttercream Peach roses & daisies

Fondant daisies / Impression lace covering

White fondant court jester inspired

Fondant Lilies & Petunias